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Our story starts in March of 2020: the month our country was meet with the novel coronavirus. With the COVID-19 (SARS- CoV-2) outbreak drastically changing the world before our eyes, we knew we needed to do anything in our power and control to help our local community remain safe. We have always had a genuine drive to help disadvantaged communities that have been traditionally underserved and overlooked. We are motivated by compassion and love to keep our community safe and healthy.

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Dr. Tonya McLeod stands tall in striving for excellence. Growing up in rural North Carolina, she was taught very early that education was the key to success. Dr. McLeod was awarded a scholarship to study pre-med at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC obtaining a Bachelor of Science. This was followed by a scholarship to study medicine at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. During her course of study in medicine, Dr. McLeod also obtained a Master’s of Public Health from the UNC-Chapel Hill renowned Rollins School of Public Health. She graduated in five years with an MD, MPH. She subsequently completed her specialty training in Dermatology at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia while simultaneously completing an MBA at Emory University’s top ranking Goizueta Business School. Dr. McLeod further honed her expertise in dermatology and pursued additional fellowship training in laser and cosmetic dermatology in Boston, Massachusetts under the tutelage of world renowned cosmetic dermatologists. Dr. McLeod has now been practicing dermatology for over 15 years and has always delighted in the opportunity to promote improved health for her community with a passion to give back and support her extended family of BIPOC communities. RxDisinfect gives her an opportunity to work with and mentor her nieces, Chaz and Sage, while they learn from each other in their contribution to a better, cleaner and safer world. We are all family!


Sage Crosby is 17 year old senior passionate about underrepresented groups. As she embarks on her thirteenth year at Ravenscroft School in Raleigh, NC, she is eager to start a new chapter in her life as she plans to attend a four-year university in the fall of 2021 majoring in Political Science on the Pre-Law track. Sage’s passion for disadvantaged communities is not a recent realization, but many of her extracurriculars reflect her desire to help these populations. Joining Jack and Jill of America Inc. at the young age of two, Sage learned the value of advocacy, community service, and networking. This organization’s mission is to empower the African American youth and for Sage it has done just that as she currently serves as the Mid-Atlantic Regional Teen Secretary for over 400 teens. Additionally, Sage has been apart of her school’s Student Government Association throughout her entire high school career serving as class secretary for three consecutive years and now as the executive secretary. Student Government has taught Sage the value of an approachable yet diligent leader and she has been able to use what she has learned in other responsibilities. Lastly, Sage has worked with the Central Regional Hospital in Butner, NC over the summers to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the mental health population by shadowing health professionals and co-facilitating group activities. This experience truly cultivated the drive she has now for underserved groups. Seeing her mother work as a psychologist in the local correctional faculty, she became determined to keep her mother and other essential workers safe. In addition, as she embarks on her final year of high school, she understands that the educational landscape has changed vastly. She hopes her dedication to this project will expedite positive change and bring about a sense of normalcy in her community. RxDisinfect allows Sage to work with her sister, Chaz, and her aunt, Dr. McLeod, on a mission they are all throughly passionate about and they all get to learn along the way.

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Chaz Crosby is a 21 year old senior at UNC-Chapel Hill, where she is apart of the honors college and majoring in psychology.  Chaz has always been an advocate and voice for her community, where she currently serves as co-chair for the multicultural affairs and diversity outreach committee within UNC student government. In this role, Chaz helps foster a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students at UNC- Chapel Hill. She also is a research assistant in UNC Penn Lab, a psychology lab focusing on minority mental health. Chaz has obtained over 150+ hours serving as a hospital volunteer at Nash-UNC Healthcare and UNC Hospitals. Chaz plans to use her nurse aide certificate to work with underserved and minority communities in need during the pandemic.  She has always been passionate about health disparities and serving underserved groups. Being a voice to the voiceless and providing representation in healthcare has always been one of her motivations for entering this field. Chaz hopes that this project will allow her to make a positive impact on the health and prosperity of the community. Working with her younger sister, Sage, and her aunt, Tonya, who all truly embody her passions and motivations makes RxDisinfect such a meaningful project to her.